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About My Sacred Yoni

From menstruation to menopause, the womb space is the creative center of the universe and a sacred embodiment that should be honored. It is the sense of feminine life-creating regenerative and reproductive organs, and the sense of "source, origin, fountain, place of birth, nest, abode, the fire pit of incubation.

The term yoni is a Sanskrit word that broadly refers to "female sexual and procreative organs." It is interpreted to mean the womb, literally.

Your yoni is a sacred place with ancestral connections. It creates a link between who we are as women and the maternal lineage we have, making us share some facets of these women's personalities, moods,  and desires. All related to who we are, the pain the trauma, the strength, and courage are all shared through this female line.

What is a Yoni and What are the Benefits?

Decreases in pain, bloating and exhaustion correlated with menstruation

Reduces heavy menstrual flow, irregular or absent menstrual cycles

Healing and toning of the reproductive system after giving birth

Supports the detoxification of the womb and body

Assists the healing of vaginal tear, episiotomy, or C-section scar(s)

Relieves signs of menopause including dryness or pain

Helps to contract the vaginal canal

Diminishes discomfort of uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, uterine weakness, uterine prolapse & endometriosis

Revives the bacterial and ph balance to aid in the prevention of odors, infections, and bacterial vaginosis.

"Never Let Your Mind Bully Your Body."
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  • What does Yoni mean?
    The term yoni is a Sanskrit word that broadly refers to "female sexual and procreative organs." It is interpreted to mean the womb literally. When used, it connotes the female reproductive organs such as vagina, vulva, and uterus. In Hinduism, yoni is a feminine generative power, which means abode, source, vagina, or womb, while in Tantra, yoni is the origin of life and totality of existence.
  • What exactly is a Yoni egg?
    A yoni egg is an egg-shaped stone made out of 100% natural crystal. It is inserted into the vagina to assist with pelvic floor strength and enhancing internal sensation and organic potential.
  • What size Yoni egg do I need?
    The smaller the size the harder it is to feel the egg. General rule of thumb – women that gave birth and women after 50 will need to start with a larger egg. Otherwise size medium is your best bet. Small eggs are not for petite women, but for advanced practitioners that mastered control of their muscles and wish to advance their practice. The medium size, 30*40 mm, is generally the best size to start for most women.
  • How often do I wear my Yoni egg?
    We suggest daily or at least three times a week to experience ultimate benefits. If you use it once a week or once a month you may not experience much change in your pelvic floor, orgasm, sensitivity etc.
  • How long do I wear my Yoni egg?
    This is a debate among practitioners. Some experts say 20 minutes maximum, other experts say 24 hours to a few days is totally OK! What we say is: Listen to your vagina! She will tell you when it needs to come out. As a starting point we suggest with using your Yoni Egg for 15 - 30 minutes. This will help you sense how it feels in your body. If you experience any pain, remove the egg straight away and begin with having it in while you’re sitting or lying down. Generally speaking we suggest not using the egg for longer than 6 - 12 hours at a time. Besides, you may feel some abdominal pain (like cramping) if the egg is in for too long. Your yoni needs to breathe! And your muscles need to relax. You don’t want to tire your intimate muscles.
  • How do I care for my Yoni egg?
    There are four things to remember when caring for your egg: 1. When you receive your egg, I suggest washing it in warm water with organic, chemical free soap, vinegar or essential oil (something like lavender or tea tree). This will wash away any bacteria and sterilise the egg or wand. Be sure not to put the crystal under direct boiling hot water as this may force it to crack. Warm soapy water is fine to use in between uses. 2. Regularly energetically cleanse your egg or wand. Crystals absorb energy, so it’s important to neutralise the crystal by doing one or more of the following techniques: Leave over night under a full moon (even if it’s cloudy). Rinse or soak in salty water (ideally the ocean). Leave in salt crystals over night. Smudge with your sage stick. Leave in the sunshine (not too long or it might fade). Wrap in cotton and bury in the earth. 3. To maximise your use out of the crystal, set your intention into the stone each time before using it. Crystals are natural entities from the earth and can be programmed with a heart felt intention. Simply close your eyes, place your crystal in your hands or against your heart, and feel into an authentic intention that rises up for you. Then detach from that intention. 4. Keep in a safe place on your alter or in your bedroom. Ideally don't keep in the bathroom or anywhere where people can pick it up and touch it. This is your sacred stone, for no one else to touch.
  • What if I can't feel my Yoni egg?
    Imagine if you were to feel a tampon inside you all the time? It would get uncomfortable after a while! The 70gram polished egg is no different, despite it being a bit heavier! A lot of women expect fire works once they insert the egg, which is not aways the case (but also not always not the case). It’s normal to insert the egg and not feel a single thing. Why? Because most women are quite numb internally due to a multitude of factors: lack of vaginal nerve endings (wearing the yoni egg helps create this!) sexual trauma stored in the cells operations have caused scar tissue not doing your kegel muscle training (pelvic floor exercises) childbirth scar tissue Some women, on the other hand feel A LOT and need to take it out after 10 minutes. Everyone is so different - so listen to your vaginal voice.
  • What is Yoni steaming?
    Yoni steaming (also called V-Steaming or Vagina Steaming) is one such ritual that physically and physiologically helps build feminine self-esteem. Female body and sexuality are some of the world's perceptions about, but there's more to being a woman than that. The womb and the inner embodiment is a sacred destination, everyone, benefit from; hence, it should be carried with honor and given the feminine hygiene it deserves.
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